• By, Jamie Adams


Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Everyone has been asking me and wondering what these beautiful glass bottles are filled with. I will start with the Violet Water. It is used to cleanse unwanted energy. You could use this in bath water to cleanse yourself, or pour into water and use as a floor wash. It could also be used as a perfume. Gardenia Water is used to attract amazing spirits, trainquil vibes, healing & spirituality. You could use this to cleanse unwanted energy as well. Rose Water is used to draw in love, protection, psychic connection & healing. This could be used as a face tonic as well. Orange Water is used to bring in good health and good fortune. May be used as a perfume too! Where to purchase these... RIGHT HERE!

If your looking to whip up your own recipe for scented water...

Make a tincture by soaking your herbs in alcohol, straining them, & then add distilled water, or you can make an alcohol/water mixture and add essential oils. I typically use vodka. You can use brandy or whiskey, but vodka is inexpensive and in my opinion better.

Vodka should be anywhere near 1/4 & 1/8 of the vodka/water mixture . For 3 - 4 oz. size found at craft stores, only about 7-15 drops of oil should be added, otherwise it will be extremely overpowering. ick! Pick your desired oils, fill the glass vile to about 1/4 full of alcohol and then add in the essential oils, a few drops at a time. When combining your oils be sure to close and shake the vile. Once you are pleased with your combonation of oils just add distilled water to within 1/2'' of the top or less to minimize splashing and store in a dark place overnight. MAX!

The blend that will be maturing takes up to a week to occur. Remember to always shake the vile before applying. Note: Adding the alcohol is the part that makes it keep!

(For those under 21) Go to an herb boutique that sells something called "perfume base" it has wood alcohol with glycerin, and preservatives + some water. Happy Friday my loves!