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Updated: Mar 6, 2023


Everyone has been asking me what these gorgeous glass bottles are composed of. I'll commence with the Violet Water. It is used to purge negative energy. You could use this to cleanse yourself in the bath, pour it into the water, and use it as a floor wash. It could be used as perfume as well. Gardenia Water attracts excellent spirits, good feelings, healing, and spirituality. You might also use this to clear negative energy. Rose Water can attract love, protection, psychic connection, and healing. This could also be used as a facial tonic. Orange water is thought to bring good health and fortune. It might also be used as perfume!

If you want to make your scented water recipe...

Soak the herbs in alcohol, filter them, and then add distilled water to make a tincture, or prepare an alcohol/water mixture and add essential oils. I usually use vodka. You can use brandy or whiskey, but I like vodka because it is cheaper and better.

Vodka should comprise between 1/4 and 1/8 of the vodka/water combination. Only approximately 7-15 drops of oil should be applied to a 3 - 4 oz. amount found at craft stores; otherwise, it will be highly overpowering. Ick! Choose your essential oils, fill the glass vile about 1/4 full of alcohol, and then add a few drops at a time. Close and shake the vile after combining the oils. Once satisfied with your oil combination, add distilled water to within 1/2" of the top or less to prevent splashing and store in a dark area overnight. MAX!

The maturation of the blend can take up to a week. Always shake the vile before administering it. It is important to note that adding alcohol is what makes it last! (Those under the age of 21) Go to a herb shop that sells a "perfume base," which contains wood alcohol, glycerin, preservatives, and water. Have fun!

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