• By, Jamie Adams


Updated: May 16

Rose Quartz is known as the stone of eternal love. It fills your body with amazing & positive energy! It cleanses and revitalizes you, releasing any stress, anxiety, anger, or resentment you may have. These negative emotions are replaced with feelings of love, hope, faith, and tranquility for the future. Personally, I appreciate these lovely stones and encourage that you give them a try.  Did you know you could produce your own crystal beauty water at home? It's lovely and simple to make.

Follow the steps outlined below...

First and foremost, cleanse your crystals with warm filtered water. Rinse them several times to remove any dirt or loose particles (remember, these are raw crystals, so some earth matter is natural). When you're through scrubbing them, put them in a glass bowl and cover them with filtered water. Set the bowl directly in the sun at daybreak and let it to absorb the sun's energy until sundown. Bring the water inside and splash it over your face while repeating self-love affirmations. You may say, "I am deserving," and "I love myself," or anything else that relates to your personal desires for self-love.