• By, Jamie Adams


Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Rose Quartz is the stone of ever lasting love. It occupies your body with tons of amazing + positive energy! It cleanses and revitalizes you, releasing all the stress, tension, anger and resentment you may be carrying with you. It replaces these negative energies with feelings of love, hope, faith and peace for the future. I personally enjoy these beautiful stones and recommend to give them a try.

Did you know that you can make your own crystal beauty water? It is so darling and easy to make.

Follow the instructions below...

First things first, start by cleansing your crystals with warm filtered water. Rinse them a few times to get any dirt or loose particles off (remember these are raw crystals, so it’s natural for them to have some earth matter still on them).When you are done cleansing them, place the crystals in a glass bowl and cover the gems with filtered water.Set the bowl directly into sunlight starting at sunrise and let it begin to absorb the suns's energy until sunset. Bring the water inside & shower it on your face as you say self-love affirmations. You may say, “I am worthy,” &“I love myself,” or you may use whatever it is that speaks to your own desires of self-love. Happy Saturday my loves.