• By, Jamie Adams


Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Hi friends! I wanted to discuss the amazing benefits of fitness and beauty and why they are literally the best combo that goes hand in hand... In simpler terms it's a recipe for success! You see, when you work out you get this amazing natural glow to your skin and it's funny because we spend so much money on highlighters to give us that glow. It's fine, I still use it regardless, but I'm just saying! Here is a list of some great benefits from working out.

1). Exercise has been shown to ease stress.

2). Regular exercise helps tone muscles

3). Gives you instant glowing skin

4). Helps aid sleep

5). Improves posture

6). Keeps your hair shiny

7). Its a natural endorphins booster

8). Helps get rid of acne

9). You feel confident

10). Improvement in collagen production. (Think smooth & Plump)!

I have always been keen on exercising, whether it is hot yoga, or any form of kickboxing, and to be honest with you it's helped me out a lot. I always feel so much better after a work out too. Over the weekend I encountered a sweet little studio in my town and I just knew I needed to check it out. The first thing that hooked me was the ballet bars. (I always wanted to be a ballerina)... Seriously! I knew that if I didn't get the package I would never go. So, I bought myself a package and the next day was my class. I was so happy that I went and it was amazing! I kind of felt like this looked so easy, but in all actuality it was intense. I felt my hard work the next day. Here are some photos I snapped on my iPhone.