• By, Jamie Adams


Updated: Apr 28, 2020

I made a collage outlining my 3 essential beauty products that I can't and won't live without! As most of you already know I finally came out with my own "little" cosmetic line called "JAMIE ADAMS BEAUTY." Where you can shop my multi - highlighting eyebrow sticks, retractable eyebrow pencils, eyebrow powders, and eyebrow brushes. I am also slowly expanding and integrating eyeshadows in the mix as well as body care products. I'm really excited for you guys to try them once they are up on my online store. You are going to LOVE! 

So, anyways... Let me explain my 3 beauty essentials I'm currently obsessing over! I really love my JAB eyebrow pencil, because it has a fine tip at the end and it just outlines my brows perfectly. It also has a beautiful natural color to it. I use dark brown. I also have blonde, and light brown in stock. Then there's my multi - purpose brow highlighter. I love the creamy texture and how beautiful the color is. I use champagne, because of my skin coloring, but if you have darker skin you can use my beige highlighter OR champagne. It doesn't really matter. It's all about preference in my opionion. I use it on my shoulder blades, for highlighting my face, for contouring purposes, inner corner of my eyes, brow bone and my collarbones. It's amazing! I truly love this product. I sell it on my website in my store for a reasonable price too! 

Last, but not least my go to magic "RevitaLash," serum that helps you to grow you eyelashes! Enough said :) Try it out for yourself and watch the beauty in your lashes grow. I sell this on my store on my website as well. Cheers! 

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Chat soon my beauties! Xo 

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