• By, Jamie Adams


Updated: May 16

I'm sure you're all aware of my penchant for anything "woo woo." I enjoy using my angel cards, singing bowls, gemstones, and even runes! The runes are my favorite among the others since they provide clarity on the questions you desire answered. It also predates the New Testament. Don't be alarmed; they're completely harmless. It's not like a Ouija board. (Which is an entirely different energy and something I would NEVER experiment with). Anyway, if you understand their language (the runes), they will speak to you. It has the ability to read your subconscious mind. It truly leads you in the path of your buried worries.

When I play with these, I simply place my hand in the velvet drawstring bag, close my eyes, and ask it a question (most likely one I already know subconsciously), and bang! I've always had the answers inside of me. I guess the Viking runes had to inform me LOUD AND CLEAR!

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