• By, Jamie Adams


Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Hi lovely. Can you believe it's already September? What happened to August!?

When I was a little girl my great grandfather would always say "time flys by so fast." I never believed it when I was a kid. I always wanted to grow up fast. However, it felt like eternity getting there. I wish I could time travel. I'd tell my younger self to just enjoy being a kid. Have fun! Play! Simply just be. Now that I'm an adult I'm feeling the effects of "time flys by so fast." Slow down will ya?! Im not ready to get old! Ha! Funny how life is. 


I did say I would introduce myself. So, here I am world! It's me. Jamie. I always find writing about myself to be so self indulgent but honestly I need to get over that and realize it's not, and this is my blog and I can share whatever I want with whomever reads this. 

I'm 31 years old. Yikes! I get carded all the time at bars. I get mistaken for 16. I suppose that's a good thing! So I've been told. 

My favorite color is white. I know, how boring? ;) 

My second favorite color is black. Again, boring.

With that being said... I can see parts of my great grandfathers personality shining through. He only wore black and white. Those were his favorite colors too. I have some colors in my closet, but black and white mostly dominate.

I've been in the fashion and beauty world since I was 17. My first job was on the floor at Lord & Taylors. I worked in the Ralph Lauren section. I had the best boss. I'll never forget her. She let me merchandise the mannequins. She taught me how to fold clothes, and she instilled in me the love of fashion. At this time I was going to the Paul Mitchell school of cosmetology. Somehow I managed a full time schedule at school and a part time job. 

When a job opened at the CLINQUE counter my boss put in a good word and that's where my beauty career began at the age of 18. Back in the day when I worked for CLINQUE they never  had cosmetic brushes. I had to learn how to apply makeup with Qtips and cotton balls on my customers. It was extremely hard, but I was determined! I worked for that company for 3 years. I left when I was 21 years old. I won't forget you 3 step! (Cleanser, toner, wash). 

Since then I've worked for many of the power house brands. CHANNEL, KEVYN AUCOIN, LAURA MERCIER, and SHU UMERA. I also worked with Paula Dorf right out of cosmetology school. That's where my love of colored eyeshadows came from! 

I've waxed, tweezed and lasered, I've worked as a freelance makeup artist, hair colorist in salons and have shaped many brows and cared for thousands of eyelashes. -There's not much in this industry that I have not done! 

Now I am here to share my love, intuition and expertise in fashion and beauty with you my darlings.