• By, Jamie Adams


Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Hello my lovelies. I hope everyone is having a great month thus far. I have been dabbling in some interesting beauty related / skin care products these past two months. I am really digging Korean skin care, especially these ginger detoxifying foot pads I'm about to talk about. Have you heard of them? Have you tried them? If not, I suggest you give them a try. Why not?! What do you have to loose? They help to boost your metabolism, and to remove toxins. Plus it's all natural.

So what are exactly "foot pads?" It's an incredible product from Asia that can help your body cleanse while you sleep! The ingredients inside the foot pads pull impurities out of your body during the night. In the morning, you simply remove the pads from your feet and throw them away. To use, all you do is peel the pad from the adhesive backing paper and apply the pad onto the center arch of the bottom of your foot and press firmly to ensure the pad is securely in place. 

Don't be grossed out, because you will notice the foot pads becoming lighter in color as gooey lymph is extracted. The weirdish goo you see is toxic waste that has been leeched through your lymphatic system and out of your feet. Gag! 

The results are highly gratifying. You will feel more energized, better sleep patterns, clearer & MORE positive thinking, also relief from all kinds of symptoms, including chronic pain, migraines, and fibromyalgia. (My grandmother suffers from fibromyalgia and she said after using the foot pads she felt a lot better)! Continue using them for several weeks to have a major impact. Don't just use once and expect miracles to happen. 



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