• By, Jamie Adams


Updated: Apr 28, 2020

I literally can't get my mind to grasp this! Can you believe there is a company out there that takes your DNA (which is Hippa compliant and clia certified) and bases this all on what your body needs. There is NO more blind supplements that you have to take anymore. I just did a kitchen cabinet clear out. I had so many supplements, vitamins, etc that I "thought" my body needed, but in reality it was just the blind leading the blind. If you really think about it, why would we take supplements that people are telling us we need to take? Do they know our genetic makeup? Are they our doctors?

I took a DNA test which tells you 18 of your genetic SNPS. You are probably wondering what in the world are "SNPS?"(pronounced “snip”) and it stands for Single Nucleotide Polymorphism. These are variants that naturally occur in genes, causing changes in their functions. Some "SNPs" determine characteristics such as hair and eye and skin color. Other SNPs, the ones ÜFORIA ScienceTM tests for, have significant effects on the gene product, and therefore can tell you how well your body performs key functions that can affect your health and wellness long term. Pretty friggin cool if I do say so myself!

I'll be transparent with you. When I received my Personal Genetic Assessment Results Analysis of my 18 Key Actionable SNPs that were prepared for me I was a bit taken back but also happy because its all preventative. Soo with that being said! Let me share my results with you down below... Take a look at it and then I'll explain to you what all of that means... I'm showing you this because I think its revolutionary.

Ok, so here it is... Confused? Good! I was too when I first got it. lol. It looks and sounds complicated but it actually isn't once you learn and study it. They also break down what everything is. So on the far left are the 18 snps. Your genes. If you're unsure what those words mean (because who would know what those mean, you're not a doctor)! You can easily look them up on their website and it breaks it down for you. Then in the middle is the heart of the matter. (It's pretty self explanatory) thennn on the far left is color codes. I'll break down what those mean.

Green = Neither parent gave you the variant

Yellow = One parent gave you the variant and one gave you a gene with no variant

Red = Both parents gave you the variant

Easy peasy right? Yea, I know I am still confused too lol, but it does get easier with TIME. Time is the essence. I promise. Now that I know what my body needs, and what I can work on... I think I'll be ok :) I am currently waiting for my Utrition to arrive. It's my one of a kind DNA supplement.

So now that I showed you the DNA panel.. Next I'm going to show you an example of one of the genes that I REALLY need to focus on... It's the RED one. If that didn't stand out like a sore thumb, ha! That is called the "MTRR_rs18001131."

This right here ^ is a break down on what the heart gene is (the red dot) It's what I got from both my parents. Yay! Thanks guys! (sarcasm). I basically need (what I'm deficient in) vitamin B2, folate, B6 and B12 and zinc.

soooo, with all that being said I can now patiently wait for my customized one of a kind Utrition DNA supplements. Let your body have a voice! Personalized nutrition is def the future :)

Jamie, xo

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