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Eight days ago, I was in South Africa, and of course, I was looking at skincare! I researched every skincare line available in Africa. I brought SKOON home with me. KIND. CLEAN. SCIENTIFIC is the company's philosophy. Beyond eco-friendly formulas and packaging, the products give back. The ingredients are natural and do not harm the environment, animals, or people. SKOON provides clinically proven results based on science.

I purchased the RUBY MARINE Overnight Hydrating Face Mask (0.5 fl. oz); During the harsh winter months, my skin becomes dehydrated, and this product was specifically recommended to me for this reason. It contains moisture-boosting hyaluronic acid in a velvety base of Vanilla, African Shea, and Marula Oil. It works at night to improve hydration, protect against dry winter skin, and enhance the skin barrier for sensitive skin. It can be used in the morning or evening. Make sure to use it liberally when using it overnight. You can also use it in the morning by combining a dollop of your moisturizer with the Ruby Marine and smoothing it over your face and neck. It does feel extra hydrating to me. It also has a delicious aroma.

Africology is another South African skincare brand I purchased—specifically the Intense Night hydration moisturizer. I was initially perplexed by the presence of tiny beads in my moisturizer, but the sales associate explained that they were small hyaluronic spheres that burst into the skin. It contains potent peptides that help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid gently exfoliates the skin until it dissolves, allowing the active ingredients to penetrate more effectively. This product is ideal for skin that is dry, aging or damaged. It's also excellent for sensitive skin, lips, and décolletage. I've been using it for two and a half weeks, and it's brilliant. My skin is soft and not dry, which is ideal because I have dry skin in the winter. Anyone with dry skin should give it a shot.

I adore all my new purchases, but my favorite is a product line called lelive. (pronounced leh-lee-veh). In the year 2020, a woman by the name of Amanda Du-Pont developed the brand. Amanda was given an unofficial Swazi name, "lelive" which means "of the nation or world," which serves as the name of her products. Skilled formulators, collaborating with a passionate African social media community, created the skincare line. The formulation of the entire collection is considerate of both you and the environment. The components include up to 5% plant-identical and 95% natural. They are cruelty-free, vegan, and safe for the reef.

I purchased the drip. It's a hydrating mist containing deep sea biotics and African malachite. It protects with anti-oxidants, smoothes skin texture, increases hydration, and sets makeup. It can be used day and night and is suitable for sensitive skin. Its ingredients include deep sea algae, cucumber extract, and African malachite, a combination of malachite and niacinamide that provides anti-oxidant protection and anti-inflammation to the skin. I like the scent of this product, especially the splash of hydration it gives me when I mist myself.

Jamie, xo


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